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Nordic Skating diary

Condition of the nordic skating track may change rapidly even during the same day, even though the track is maintained every day. In the diary below there is updated the most important news (pictures and videos in our social media channels). Depending on winter, skating tracks usually opens end of December/start of January and closes around end of March. Click the skating map open from here.

Season 2020-2021

25.3. season ended

23.3. few kilometers open

Last days of the season, some routes open today.

Sat 6.3. routes open

12 km of routes open and forecast is great for following weeks!

Sat 27.2.

Tracks closed due to warm weather. Re-opening when cold forecast again.

thu 25.2. 12 km routes open

12 km of routes open right now. Situation may change for weekend as it gets warm.

thu 11.2. 8 km of routes open

8 km of routes open tomorrow, more routes on weekend.

Sun 7.2. 4,5 km open

After very difficult conditions, we have been able to open 4,5 km of tracks. Tracks are maintained daily and more routes are open next week - work progress slowly.

Tue 2.2.

Re-opening of tracks we expect to happen in 2-3 days!


Due to heavy snowfall and week of warm weather, plenty of water on the ice right now. Snowfall slowes the re-opening also. We expect the re-opening to happen somewhere in the end of next week. More info from rental/sales.

Fri 22.1. 14 km open

Approx. 14 km of routes open and in good shape. Further info from rental!

Sat 16.1. 15 km of routes open

All routes open, some in great shape. Welcome!

Wed 13.1. 11 km of tracks open

Season was opened last week and the track conditions has improved greatly, now in good, partly great shape. Starting from Harjun Portti shore, open is 2,5 km route to Kruunupuisto, 2 km track around Valkialampi pond and 2 km route around Kaarnalahti bay. These tracks are in good, partly great shape!
Today was opened a 5 km route to Haataansaari island to the camp fire spot. This is in decent shape at this point. Equipment rental is open on sat-sun 10-15, equipments from restaurant on weekdays. Welcome!

Mon 4.1.2021 season starts tomorrow

Skating season starts tomorrow! Conditions are not perfect, but 4,5 km of tracks to start with and maintenance works daily. :) More routes naturally will be opened later on. Warmly welcome! Further info from rental.

Skating diary of past winters

Lenghts of past seasons

  • 2019-2020: Start 1.1.2020, end of maintenance was 21.3.2020
  • 2018-2019: Start 12.12.2018, end of maintenance 20.3.2019
  • 2017-2018: Start 12.1.2018, end of maintenance 3.4.2018
  • 2016-2017: Start 19.12, end of maintenance 22.3.
  • 2015-2016: Start 29.12., end of maintenance 29.3.
  • 2012-2013: Start 28.12., end of maintenance 9.4.
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