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Nordic Skating diary

Condition of our long nordic skating track may change rapidly, even during the same day. The tracks are maintained every day (outside heavy snowfall days). Usually skating tracks opens end of December/start of January and closes around end of March. See routes from Winter Routes map.

Mon 27.3. skating in april?

Continuation of skating season is possible. Right now maintenance cannot be done (we checked the ice today) and lot of snow forecasted for following days. Depending of amount of snow, we will try to maintain some of the routes with ATV on wednesday.

No promises can be made, but skating days in April looks a possibility right now.

fri 24.3. at 9

Surface is frozen after yesterdays warm, but we cannot do a maintenance now (softness of ice surface for ATV's weight)
Forecast is warm and wet for following days, so we dont expect a skating weekend.

To 23.3. Klo 21


Warmer than previously forecasted, most likely no skating this week. Although one cold night might re-start the skating if no bigger snowfall or rain comes. Next week looks cold enough, season might continue!

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING & SNOWSHOIENG: We recommend the trails of tree arboretum!
WINTER HIKING ROUTES: Maintenance ended for this winter

Sun 19.3. At 9 Routes closed

Ice routes closed, water on top of routes and ice surface is soft. The season is about to end. Skating can be continued still next week, usually in the end of season there is some morning skatings possible on suitable days. We will inform.

Fri 17.3. At 9 Skating routes open!

6-7km of skating routes open. Most likely today and tomorrow, come in the morning. The night temperature was just enough.

thu 16.3. at 11.50 tomorrow looks good!

Positive suprise, tomorrow looks a possibility for skating! We expect the routes to be skatable tomorrow. (6-7 km).
WINTER HIKING ROUTES: Maintained today, usable already (expect Sumpunlahti-route)!


Nordic skating: Very rapid changes due to rain and warm, yesterdays tracks are covered with water layer. It takes some time for these to freeze - based on weather forecast a small possibility for friday and slightly more possible for saturdays skating.

  • WINTER HIKING ROUTES: Also closed due to same reason, some of these routes possibly usable on friday! Not yet sure if this means cross-country skiing tracks or the cycling/walking trail, or both.
  • SNOWSHOIENG: We recommend the marked routes of Tree arboretum
  • CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING: The 7,5 km route around the Tree arboretum (Tutkimusmetsän lenkki) is a great experience
  • WINTER CYCLING: The view road of Punkaharju, path of Topelius and 5,3km route inside Tree arboretum (Puulajireitti) is great option. In all of our E-Bikes we have winter tyres.

tue 14.3. AT 14 skating possible today, rest of the week very unsure

Now 6 km open. This combination of heavy snowfall, high winds and warm temperature is the worst regarding ice skating route maintenance.
Today skating can be done, tomorrow is unsure. The situation now goes day-by-day.

Tue 14.3.  another snowy day

10.00: Huge amount of wet snow on ice routes. Difficult conditions on ice maintenance, work goes on but skating today does not look like a possibility in the nearby hours. Most likely during afternoon.
8.30: Aaand a great amount of snow once again - snowshoe and cross-country skiing season should be long! :)
Nordic Skating tracks, ATV goes to ice at 9 am. Based on yesterdays situation, we expect 7km to opened today at least, additional 3 km (Siplahti route) most likely requires a lot of work.

mON 13.3. AT 13 TODAY 10 KM OPEN

10 km of tracks open! In good shape. Weather forecast goes warm, so skating becomes day-by-day situation. In general, if the night is cold, the following day should be a skating day.


Nice conditions today! Tomorrow we wont do ice maintenance (skating/winter hiking), as it is forecasted a snowstorm. Maintenance will be continued on monday.

Fri 10.3. 10 km open

at 16.00: Tomorrow 10 km of tracks! Lots of maintenance problems on ice, but we were able to get 10 km open.
at 9.00: The snowstorm: After great amount of work, we have now 7 km of skating routes open and we have managed to get those back in to good skating condition. These routes are to Kruunupuisto, Kaarnalahti and Valkialampi.
Today our goal is to re-open the rest of the routes (Haataansaari and Siplahti), if all goes well we have 15 km of routes again open in late afternoon.

EQUIPMENT RENTAL: Between 10-16 (returnings can be done to restaurant for late rentals)
WINTER HIKING ROUTES: Maintained on thursday
SNOW AMOUNT: Great amount of snow, should be long March for cross-country skiing/snowshoieng! :)

Thu 9.3. At 8.30

Huge and suprising snowstorm yesterday. We are now heading to ice, it will take long time to open skating tracks.


Unusually stable and good forecast for skating for this week also! Normally there is more changes during different weeks. Weather forecast looks really good, as it stays in minus temperatures for long time.

Approx. 15 km of routes open, further updates will be given if necessary. Maintenance is daily and right now the track condition is good.

At Valkialampi route

Thu 2.3. all routes open (15 KM)

Situation of routes has stayed the same, regardless of snow falls and high winds! 15 km of routes open.
Maintenance daily (throughout the day as usual), its a neverending process. :)
Great ice condition for the most part!

Start point from southpoint of holiday village, 900m from rental.
Equipment rental open fri 10-16, sat-sun 9-16!


Lots of work, but 15 km open now! In good shape. Good to know about natural ice, that when very cold temperatures (like this week), tiny cracks appear in the ice, enough large for the blade to get stuck. So when skating, watch where you going :)

Fridays Torch Skating. See track map from here about friday!

mon 20.2. 12 km of tracks open in good shape!

12 km open, on nice condition. The goal is to open rest of routes on tuesday, lot of work to be done.

WINTER HIKING ROUTES: Great conditions
PANCAKE HUT: Open in our shore on tuesday and wednesday 12-15.30 and friday 17-21!
WAFFLE CAFE: Open in Kruunupuisto shore between thu-sun

Sun 19.2. At 19

Blizzard. Tracks still partially open today morning and work continues tomorrow. So skating possible starting from 10 am

FRI 17.2. at 10   15 km open today

Despite warm weather, tracks in nice condition! Weather greats cold luckily.
Section of Valkialampi-route closed today), there is water on top of this route. On other routes condition is good.

WED 15.2. at 9.30: 16 km open + waffle cafe opens

Routes overall in nice/great condition! 16 km open. Maintenance every day.

WINTER HIKING ROUTES: Great conditions now, maintenance during same time with the ice skiing routes.
CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING:  Follow maintenance from here.
WAFFLE CAFE OF INKERITALO: Open in shore of Kruunupuisto thu-sat 12-18, sun 12-17
PANCAKE HUT: Open in our shore tue 21.2. and wed 22.2.

Mon 13.2. at 10 great conditions!

Conditions are great! 16 km open. We expect the nearby days to be good also, as the night temperatures are below zero.

Thu 9.2. at 14 great conditions! 16 km open

Nordic skating tracks in great condition despite warm and tomorrow it will get to cold temperature again!  So weekend looks very good at this point. 16 km open, start of tracks 900m from rental, in southpoint of Tuunaansaari:

  • To Siplahti via Kruunupuisto (n. 6,5 km backforth)
  • Valkialampi pond 2 km
  • Kaarnalahti route 2 km
  • Haataansaari island route 5,5 km

WINTER HIKING ROUTES: Perfect conditions for nordic skiing and winter cycling, over 20 km open.
PANCAKE HUT: Open in our shore, near equipment rental on sat 11.2. between 12-15.30!

WED 8.2. at 9

Nordic skating tracks in great condition! 17 km open. Weather went warm, so following days (thu and fri) are unsure. Today should be good. Weekend forecast looks great, but its not sure for skating as the previous days are warm. So day by day.

Winter Hiking Routes: Great condition for skiing/cycling right now.

sun 5.2. all routes open

17 km open and in great condition, warmly welcome!

Winter Hiking Routes next to skating routes. Right now great conditions!

Thu 2.2. at 14.00 all routes open

Lot of maintenance past days, tracks in great condition! Now is perfect conditions to go to the ice routes.
All routes open, approx 16-17 km.

PANCAKE HUT open in our shore on sat 4.2. between 12-15.30!
WINTER HIKING ROUTES: Maintained on wednesday

TUE 31.1. at 14.15

Despite heavy snowfall, all skating routes open!

Sun 29.1. AT 10  great conditions!

16 km open. Welcome!


Great ice conditions starting from tomorrow! Today no skating as the water on routes is still freezing (not yet skatable). The weather is cold enough to say tomorrow is a sure thing.

All routes open tomorrow. Start from southpoint of holiday village, 900m from rental.

Winter Hiking Routes: Snow melted on the ice the past few days, fatbike is an option for these routes on saturday.


No skating today because of warm and wet conditions, forecast looks great for saturday and sunday! Based on forecast, friday most likely no skating, as the (plenty amount of) water on the skating routes has to freeze.

On saturday and sunday, equipment rental is open between 10-16!

mon 23.1. at 10 all ice routes open!

Nordic skating routes and winter hiking routes, all is open! approx 16 km of tracks. Start point moved to southpoint of Tuunaansaari, 900m from rental.

Great condition in Winter Hiking Routes and nordic skiing tracks on ice! Maintenance situation from here.

Sat 21.1. Skating continues tomorrow! Winter hiking today

Skating possible tomorrow once again!

Winter Hiking Routes usable today.

thu 19.1. at 15 update, progress on the ice!

Conserning ice routes, the weather was better than forecasted. Work was able to continued and there is some possibilities for skating on following weekend (sunday at earliest, we assume).

Winter Hiking Routes: Some possibilites for saturday for these to be used, sunday is more likely. This will be seen on saturday-morning.

wed 18.1. at 13

UNUSUALLY WARM AND RAINY WEATHERS FOR JANUARY. Some ice investigations done with fatbikes, lots of water on top of ice. Tomorrows rain (is it snow or water and how much) tells us some timetable for re-opening schedule of nordic skating tracks. Most likely not during the following weekend.

Winter Hiking Routes: Some possibilities starting from saturday or most likely starting from sunday, to use these ice routes with e-bikes/fatbikes and walking on the ice.

Sun 15.1. at 9.45

No skating today, just tried. Due to warm the snow on ice is melted and there is a lot of water on top routes. Most likely next skatings when the weather goes cold again!

fri 13.1. 17 km of routes open

All Tracks cleared from snow, condition is nice! 17 km of routes and majority in good condition.
This weekend we expect tomorrow to be good, sunday is bit unsure due to warm forecast.

Equipment Rentals this weekend from restaurant between 10-15.

Winter Hiking Routes: Marked with blue posts on ice, but no maintenance due to warm weather forecast. Walkers/cycles can use our skating tracks edges as we made the track very wide this for this weekend.

Thu 12.1. at 16

Tracks cleared from snow despite the snow storm! Forecast is warm for following days. We expect tomorrow 13.1. the conditions to be good, saturday-sunday too early to tell yet. At least for Fatbikes and kick sleds its suitable.
Weekend rentals from restaurant between 10-15.

WED 11.1. at 9.50

ATV is going to the ice right now to clear tracks, ice is good!

The Winter Hiking routes will be maintained thursday morning, as we wait the next nights forecasted snowfall. These routes are marked however for walking and cycling is possible also as the amount of snow on ice is limited.

Mon 9.1. all routes open + winter hiking routes open

Windy conditions, but ice is really good now! All routes marked:

  • 16 km of Nordic Skating tracks
  • 22 km of Winter Hiking Routes on ice (walking, cycling, skiing), right now limited amount of snow for skiing on ice

Wed 4.1. klo 15.20  over 15 km of routes open

Start from Harjun Portti shore. Overall condition is quite good and maintenance improves! Great weather and scenery.
All skating routes open.

Rentals: Every day between 10-15 (return is possible to restaurant)!

Tue 3.1. at 14  skating routes are open from tomorrow

Safe route on ice marked with red poles, season starts tomorrow from Harjun Portti shore. Ice is on nice condition and approx 15-18 km of routes open. Work continues tomorrow but skating is possible from the morning.

Rentals between 10-15. Warmly welcome!

Mon 2.1. at 10.45  SKATING TRACKS WILL BE OPENED on wednesday!

Most likely on wednesday first skating day! In the past days all snow on ice has melted. Safe tracks will be marked on tuesday and wednesday the first skating day, as we can start operating the ice with ATV's. Additional info will be given when work goes ahead.

Activities now:

  • SKATING from wednesday
  • WINTER CYCLING in forest research park is a must! Weather of this week demands now winter tyres. All E-bikes (10 bikes) have winter tyres and 2 fatbikes also!
  • CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING Some tracks open, conditions right now very slippery (fast but no grip) such as Forest research park: maintenance situation from here (in finnish).
  • SNOWSHOE TRAILS Several marked snowshoe trails in ridge area
  • WINTER CYCLING in forest research park is a must! Fatbikes from rental.

FRI 30.12. ice routes not opened due to technical reasosn

No ice routes open unfortunately: Motor sled broke down today (which is the only tool usable now on ice) + ATV's cannot be yet brought to ice due to safety reasons (ice not good enough to carry an ATV yet). This means we cannot open the Winter Hiking trails we have been preparing for some days. Nordic Skating tracks anyway a next weeks job, as it need the ATV.

Next weeks forecast looks good enough (we need few cold days in order to get ATV's to ice)! Hopefully tracks opened and machinery working in next week. Activities now, equipment rental provides the tools:

  • CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING Some tracks open and in nice condition such as Forest research park: maintenance situation from here (in finnish).
  • SNOWSHOE TRAILS Several marked snowshoe trails in ridge area!
  • WINTER CYCLING in forest research park is a must! Fatbikes from rental.

WED 28.12. update at 16: winter hiking trails to be opened on friday (hopefully)

Winter hiking trails on ice (walking, cycling) will try to be opened on friday - not on thursday as we previously forecasted. Ice conditions not good enough yet for to open the track.
On friday the goal is to open a route from southpoint of Tuunaansaari to Haataansaari campfire spot (5 km backforth). Opening of skating tracks is not far ahead also, but will go to next week as the ice is not good enough for ATV's to operate.

Tue 27.12. first vehicles on ice

Finally first preparations possible with vehicles, but still very tricky conditions: We cannot yet get to ice with ATV's due to amount of water everywhere on ice. Good news is that we were able to make the first preparations and things will improve from this point on. Some possibilities to get skatable track for weekend.


ATV´s cannot be brought to ice as the ice is not thick enough in Punkaharju. It thickens very slow this year and has bad quality (meaning we need more ice thickness than usually), due to the circumstances of first weeks of winter in Punkaharju. This is a very similar start than we have had the past 2 seasons, that it takes some time to start.

Weather forecast is very snowy and warm so all ice activities most likely again new check in next week.

  • CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING Some tracks open and additional snow that is coming makes the conditions good. maintenance situation from here (in finnish).
  • SNOWSHOE TRAILS Several marked snowshoe trails in ridge area!
  • WINTER CYCLING in forest research park is a must! Fatbikes from rental.

19.12. Ice conditons are tricky and wet. Not enough ice yet for ATV's.

Fri 16.12.

Not much of development on ice conditions in few days, we cannot yet get to the ice with ATV's. Next week has tricky weather forecast - best case scenario for Christmas is to get small route opened, but much has to happen before that.

Before this, lets enjoy from snowshoieng activity! Go snowshoieng to to forest research park or to ridge area.
Country skiing tracks are also open (holiday village and forest research park), but additional snow is needed for this activity.


Ice not yet thick enough to start track preparations. Great differences in ice thickness and ice quality. Next investigation on friday.

First cross-country skiing tracks are open and enough snow for snowshoieng already! You can check the cross-country skiing maintenance situation from here (in finnish). More snow is needed, but skiing can be done. :)

14.12.: First cross country tracks!


Last week and this week wasnt that cold as forecasted and we got some 10cmf of snow already, just when there was few centimeters of ice.

This means we have to wait a bit due to safety reasons before we start measuring the ice thickness on large area and first preparations of ice tracks. As temperatures should go colder, we expect to start the works next week.
Nice amount of snow is forecasted, so we will have a white Christmas and start the season with snow activities!

25.11. looks very promising

Steady, freezing temperatures now and forecasted - lakes are beginning to freeze and enough ice may become rapidly. It helps greatly that there is no snow yet.
If things continue this way, we can start exploring the ice thickness during next week and start preparing safe skating ways to start the season before mid december!

22.11.2022 Waiting for the NEW season

Waiting for the skating season! On this page updates will be written when start of season approaches. Previous diarys and statistics of maintenance below.
At the moment we have cold temperatures in Punkaharju and are awaiting the first snows, hopefully we get a early start for skating and skiing season! Lakes are not yet frozen, but forecast looks quite good and cold for the following 10 days.

Skating diary of past winters

Mostly regarding nordic skating tracks, but also information about cross-country skiing and other routes.

Lenghts of past seasons

  • 2021-2022: Start 23.12.2022, end of maintenance early April
  • 2020-2021: Start 8.1.2021, end of maintenance was end of March
  • 2019-2020: Start 1.1.2020, end of maintenance was Mid March
  • 2018-2019: Start 12.12.2018, end of maintenance Mid March
  • 2017-2018: Start 12.1.2018, end of maintenance early April
  • 2016-2017: Start 19.12, end of maintenance Mid March.
  • 2015-2016: Start 29.12., end of maintenance end of March
  • 2012-2013: Start 28.12., end of maintenance early April
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