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Nordic Skating diary

Because skating on natural ice,  weather plays a major role when it comes to nordic skating. Condition of the track may change rapidly even during the same day, even though the track is maintained every day. In the diary below there is updated the most important news conserning the tracks: Depending on winter, skating tracks usually opens end of December/start of January and closes around end of March.

Wed 20.3. skating season over, guided tours might be available

Maintenance of skating routes has ended! Warm nights for several days and warm days forecasted for the rest of the week, so all route signs will be collected away.

However there might come great skating conditions next week: Snow melts from ice and cold nights return, so there might be possible to skate on large areas at the lakes. If these conditions come, we will inform of guided skating tours in diary. 

SAT 16.3. at 17.45 routes closed for now

Ice became soft now and more water came to the routes, ice is not skatable anymore. Re-opening needs a cold night temperature, which is not forecasted for following days. So routes are closed at least for few days, we will check the situation on monday again.

Sat 16.3. at 10.00 skating open

Although warm nights, skating route still open! Some water on top of routes but can be skated, at least in this morning&early afternoon.

Rentals from main building between 10-16, lunch buffet in restaurant 11-15. The waffle cafe along the route is closed now.

WED 13.3.

Tracks maintained and the condition & weather is good! Start from southpoint of Tuunaansaari. Forecast looks good for tomorrow and friday, but weekend is unsure due to warm forecast. We will see how it goes.

MOn 11.3. at 9.05 TRACK OPEN

Tracks open again!

sun 10.3 klo 9.25 // klo 11.30 TRACK CLOSED TODAY, TOMORROW OPEN

Track are closed today due to last night snowfall: There was approx. 10cm of water on top routes, which didnt freeze before the snowfall - all routes have been opened today to continue the skating season, but ice is unskatable today, as lot of water. 

Work will continue tomorrow -  looks good amount of freezing temperatures for the night so tomorrow we skate.

SAt 9.3.

Track closed today, tomorrow morning it will be investigated.

Fri 8.3. AT 10.30 // at 15.25 routes closed saturday

At 10.30: Tracks open and in great shape! Start from Tuunaansaari southpoint. Little amount of freezing temperatures forecasted for weekend, today skating can be done, but saturday and sunday is unsure, we will inform before 10 am on both days.

At 15.25: Ice starts to get soft now, no cold forecasted for following night, so routes closed almost certainly on saturday. Situation will be checked on sunday morning, lets hope for cold nights.

Equipment rentals between 10-16 (returns can be done to our restaurant), waffle cafe open along the skating route daily between 11-16.

WED 6.3.

Great ice and weather! Haataansaari route is now also open. 

TUE 5.3. at 11.20

Great skating conditions continue! Track in really good shape on majority of the tracks. Waffle cafe is open between 11-16 every day along the route, rental open every day also. Welcome.

sun 3.3. at 10.00

Routes that are open:

  • Southpoint - Kruunupuisto (1,5 km, back and forth 3 km)
  • Kaarnalahti route (n. 2 km)
  • Valkialampi route (n. 2 km, ice not so good

Fri 1.3. at 9.30 best ice of the season

Great ice and great conditions, overall the best ice of the season. Starting point from Tuunaansaari southpoint (900m from Rental). Equipment rental open between 10-16 every day and the waffle cafe is open between 11-16.

Routes that are open:

  • Southpoint - Kruunupuisto (1,5 km, back and forth 3 km)
  • Kaarnalahti route (n. 2 km)
  • Valkialampi route (n. 2 km, ice not so good)
  • Southpoint - Haataansaari (n, 2,3 km, back and forth 5 km, get route info from rental)

Thu 28.2. at 10.30 TOMORROW SKATING

Today 0 degrees and snowfall, right now some water on top of routes, not recommended to go skating. If not much of snow today, on friday and saturday should be great skating conditions.

Wed 27.2. at 9.04 routes open

Last nights cold was just enough, amazing condition to skating! Come via rental to get route information, at these conditions must always watch the ice and beware of some air pockets (remember, its natural ice, not speed skating. :) )

TUE 26.2. 9.40   Today still closed

The night of tue-wed might be cold enough for re-opening the tracks, there is now some water on the routes which needs enough cold night. We will check it tomorrow around 9 am.

MON 25.2. 9.50   Routes closed, re-opening hopefully on thursday

Temperatures continue to go up and down, a bizarre winter. Routes closed, as there hasnt been cold nights in few days: Little bit of water on top routes+the surface ice is soft under the skate, so its now unskatable. This years ice is a bad quality ice, which means that during warm days it gets soft easily (compared to usual ice conditions).

Re-opening needs a cold night (minimum estimate around between 5-7 degrees of cold in the night), which is forecasted between wed-thu night. We will check the situation daily, as a change of just few degrees might change the forecast. Equipment rental from restaurant the start of week.

SUn 24.2. at 9.25

Routes open, great condition in the morning. Route will most likely get soft in the afternoon, as there was no cold night. Skate in the morning.

Sat 23.2.  AT 9.55 Routes open

Routes are open!

FRI 22.2. at 11 great skating ahead

Routes have been skated through, great conditions for experienced skater and ok conditions for beginners, especially in Kaarnalahti-route.

Rental open today until 21.00, our restaurant serves until 23.00, evening skating event starts at 18.00. On the weekend the rental is open between 10-16.

Thu 21.2. 9.30   start from southpoint of tuunaansaari

No luck always in the route making: Yesterdays snowfall in 0 degrees and high wind did some damage to a great looking track condition on some spots as the weather got colder right after - routes have been maintained now, the routes are on good condition and the sun makes the tracks even smoother!

Starting point of the tracks is now transferred to southpoint of Tuunaansaari, 900m away from Rental.


Tracks open today, will most likely get soft in the afternoon. Very likely to be closed tomorrow due to warm weather. Forecast of thursday&friday looks good.

At 13.50: Routes closed, ice gets soft now. Routes most likely closed tomorrow also. Forecast of thursday, friday and saturday looks good.

Mon 18.2. at 9.15 great skating ahead

High wind and sunshine helped us to make the previous bad spots to better condition, now the overall condition of tracks is good! Kaarnalahti and Valkialampi-routes are excellent.

Equipment rental open every day 10-16, waffle cafe open between 11-16.


The night was cold enough, today great skating condition this day! Tomorrow most likely route closed, as there is no freezing temperatures forecasted for next night. Route will be again on monday.

Fri 15.2. great weather, Winter holidays starts

Great weather, however not much of cold last night and even less is forecasted for following nights, which is critical. Very difficult to tell if track is skatable during saturday and sunday. On weekend head to the route (after checking the diary) in the morning, as it gets soft in the afternoon most likely. 

Today it is great skating condition however,  following route condition

  • Harjun Portti - Kruunupuisto (6 km back and forth) is skatable, with some bad and some good parts
  • Valkialampi route (2 km) Amazing route in great condition
  • Kaarnalahti route (2 km) Beautiful route in great condition

Services open every day: Equipment rental open every day between 10-16 (from tomorrow), waffle cafe at the route is now open also every day between 11-16. Customers using own equipments can purchase tickets from our cafe-restaurant, open on saturday at 9.00 and on sunday at 8.00.

WED 13.2. AT 11.40  Routes open again!

Great days of skating ahead: We had some luck with the weather finally, right now 10km of routes open and its partially on great condition also! Forecast looks good and enough cold for following days, weekend is unsure as it forecasted very warm days: These dont matter if the nigths are cold, it unsure still.

Sat 9.2. Routes closed starting from 13.00, waiting for cold temperatures

at 9.55: Routes open at least the morning, as there was no freezing temperature last night, the ice surface goes soft later on. Route instructions from rental.

at 12.10: Routes start to be very soft, within 1 hour or so the ice is not skatable anymore+it pushes water to the routes. Routes will be closed and now we wait for cold nights, which is necessary to re-open the tracks. Forecast shows (if no snowfall) that there could be skating conditions again around next weeks wednesday.

Fri 8.2. at 12

Routes opened in morning and now good to skate, but weather forecast shows warm temperatures for following days and nights. Saturday should be ok condition to skate, but sunday-tuesday are a questionmark (if there is no freezing temperatures in the night, most likely not possible to skate). Situation will be checked tomorrow morning.

WED 6.2. AT 16.00

Skating routes open and condition good/great (check the update of 1.2.).

We have to make huge amount of work to maintain the tracks daily, huge amounts of snow on the ice and more keeps on coming with high wind and temperatures that go up and down. Tricky weather forecast for the following weekend, but at least for the next following days the track is open and good to skate on.

Mon 2.2. at 11.00

Tracks have been cleared from snow, 10 km of good tracks open!

FRI 1.2. 10 km routes open!

Lots and lots of route work done and we now have 10 km of tracks open in good/great condition! Open now the following routes:

  • Harjun Portti - Kruunupuisto spa hotel 6 km (back and forth,)
  • Kaarnalahti route on great condition (approx 2 km)
  • Valkialampi route on great condition (approx. 2 km)

Saturday equipment rental open is 10-15, waffle cafe open sat-sun 11-16.  Sunday the rental is either from main building or directly from rental 10-15, depending on weather.

TUE 29.1. 6+2 km open RIGHT NOW

Route open from Harjun Portti to Kruunupuisto (6km total) and frozen to good condition, also route open in Kaarnalahti (2km). Goal is to have this Kaarnalahti route also in good condition on the end of the week and to open few more kilometers (Valkialampi) after that. 


Today skating on -21 degrees of nice weather, on a good track of 6 km! Route open from Harjun Portti to Kruunupuisto. Huge amount of snow in the ice and more comes every week, but things are looking now good conserning our skating track due to hard work. Maintenance and re-opening of other routes is now extremely difficult, but our goal is to open few more kilometers within some days. The only skating track open in eastern Finland is our track, that tells something about the conditions.. :)

Equipment rental open between sat and sun 10-15 (tracks will be maintained before 10 am), waffle cafe opens along the skating route on weekend! Cafe open sat and sun between 11-16.

Sat 19.1. 6 km open

6 km of routes open

FRi 18.1. 6 km open tomorrow

Today open 1,8km route, starting from tomorrow a route open from Harjun Portti shore to Kruunupuisto, back and forth this is approx. 6 km route! At least Kaarnalahti-route we will try to open within some days.

Equipment Rental open sat and sun 10-15.

TO 10.1. Skating continues

Here we go again, from Harjun Portti shore to Tuunaansaari southpoint (900m, back and forth 1,8km) there is a skating track re-opened and on very good condition!

We have a goal to open additional track to Kruunupuisto within a week (2-3 km), right now every hundred meters demand a lot of work and it needs proper weather. Rentals and tickets from restaurant between 10-15 on the following weekend.

WED 9.1. Preparations are on

Working hard to re-open the tracks (we have to start from skratch now), if lucky with the weather there might be some parts of skating tracks opened again in few days! Not the simpliest start of season. :)


Skating tracks cannot be opened (most likely) in many weeks, the last weeks snowstorms causes a lot problems, which we cannot resolve with work - we have to wait for right weather conditions, it may take 1,2 or 3 weeks. Update will be written when there is an estimate to tell. 

Great condition for cross-country skiing as there is a lot of snow, also snowshoeing can be done!

thu 3.1. AT 9.50  skating tracks closed

Skating tracks cannot be opened unfortunately. There is impossible ice conditions to make a track this week, with huge amounts of snow+water on the ice, tracks cannot be opened in many days. The most difficult start of season in 13 years of making the tracks.

Different preparations will be made every day but right now we cannot make an estimate, that when the routes can be opened again. Might be from few days to 1-2 weeks.

WEd 2.1. Storm continues

Tracks closed today due to storm, hopefully some routes open tomorrow afternoon.


Very difficult conditions continue: High wind and blizzard causes the skating tracks to be closed for today, perhaps tomorrow also. Routes cannot be opened right now, as a lot of heavy snow on routes.


7 km of tracks open today!

FRIDAY 28.12. klo 11.50  skating tracks closed TODAY, TOMORROW MIGHT BE OPEN

Skating tracks unfortunately closed. Not enough freezing temperatures. There is a possibility that 5 km route is open tomorrow on saturday, but it is unsure.

Cross-country skiing network is open. Equipment rental from restaurant between 10-15.

27.12. DAY-BY-DAY

Challening conditions continue,  very much of snow and temperature just below zero, very difficult conditions for ice skating and especially track maintenance. There is 13-14 km of tracks open, but just few kilometers in good shape. Start from southpoint of Tuunaansaari. 

Forecast cannot be made for following days that are the tracks open or not during new year, we must go one day at a time. :) Days without snowfall and cold temperature is what is needed.

26.12. 9 KM OPEN

9 km of tracks open today, challenging conditions on the ice due to snow storm of yesterday. More tracks will be opened in few days.

Thu 20.12. Tracks opened tomorrow!

Difficult ice conditions, but skating tracks will be opened tomorrow! For beginners we recommend to rent kick sleds, as this years ice is quite uneven for beginners. Experienced tour skaters can skate easily. Ice will be maintained daily and its condition will get better as time goes on.

Limited opening hours during christmas:

  • Fri 21.12. Rental open 11-15 (track maintenance normally)
  • Sat 22.12. Rental open 11-15 (track maintenance normally)
  • Su 23.12.  Equipments from restaurant between 10-15, 2 days in the price of one (track maintenance normally)
  • Mon 24.12. No equipment rental, no maintenance. Check the forecast and rent equipments on sunday and use it on monday for the same price. Return the equipments to Harjun Portti before 14.00
  • Tue 25.12.  No equipment rental, no maintenance (Harjun Portti is closed)
  • Wed 26.12. Rental open 11-15 (track maintenance normally)

Tue 18.12. Skating season opens most likely on friday 21.12.

Tracks will most likely be partially opened on friday!

Wed 12.12.2018 Skating season approaching

Lakes have frozen and we are expecting the tracks to be partially opened in 3-5 days, as more ice is coming due to cold weather! More info will be given soon.

Cross-country skiing tracks not yet open.

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