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kayak rental in Lake Saimaa

Harjun Portti is located in Tuunaansaari Punkaharju, which is the crossroads of lakes Puruvesi and Pihlajavesi, both part of Lake Saimaa. Kayaks, boats and other equipments can be found from our equipment rental, you can also ask guided kayaking trips from our sales. See the selection of equipment rental from here.

Trip destinations nearby

The ridge area

An easy trip to ridge area, from 2-3 hours to a whole day lasting. Starts from our shore, ridge area starts from the opposite bank. In 20-30 minutes of paddling you are on your kayak on the little bays of the ridge area.

The ridge is app. 7 km long, so you can adjust your trip just by turning back when you feel to. On the other hand, you can also go around the whole ridge area and Laukansaari on a whole day trip, when you get a great view from all of Punkaharju. 

Around Vaahersalo

20-21 km of paddling, south from Harjun Portti. A great shelter point on midway and you can also pay a visit to a local farm holiday village on the way! A good one day trip. 

Petrisaari & eevansaari in Lake Puruvesi

Amazing landscapes, clear and pure waters, sand beaches - those you can see in Lake Puruvesi. To Petrinsaari marina (trekking marina) is 18 km on one way, so this target is for 2-3 days of canoeing. See more from Eevansaari in here.

Ask more from our sales!

For longer kayak rentals we can lend you a great paddling map of the whole Puruvesi and Pihlajavesi.

Kayak selection of harjun portti: 

Oasis 4.30, single kayak: Oasis is an easy, very stable and alltogether an excellent kayak for short trips on the lake. Its an excellent choice for beginners due to its features.

Prijon Touryak, single kayak: Touryak- kayaks are well equipped, top quality touring kayaks. They are an ideal choice for longer trips in the lakes, but are just as good for an easygoing paddling!

Prijon Excursion, double kayak: Excursion-kayaks are well equipped, top quality touring kayaks for 2 people. They are also an ideal choice for longer trips in the lakes, but are just as good for an easygoing paddling! It also has more space for packing.

Rental prices include paddles, a map, life jackets, hole coverings and if requested, waterproof K-Gear packing bags. In our guest harbour is located a kayak-pier, which provides an easy start for paddling! Starting 35€ / day, rental prices will be updated during march.

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