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Nordic skating tracks of Punkaharju

Nordic skating is an fantastic, safe way to experience the natural ice and enjoy lake Saimaa in winter! Our 15 km skating track network of Punkaharju is one of the longest in Finland and has suitable, short routes for families and beginners, but also long routes for experienced skaters. The track starts from the shore of Holiday Resort Harjun Portti, 100m away from the restaurant and equipment rental.

Skating tracks are open usually from late December to end of March, depending on the winter. Condition of tracks change depending on weather, see the weekly updated info of tracks open from our skating diary.

In 2020-2021 there is 4 routes when everything is open:

  • 5 km route to Haataansaari island to campfire spot
  • 7,5-8 km from Harjun Portti to Siplahti (via Kruunupuisto) and back
  • 1,8 km route around Kaarnalahti bay
  • 2 km route around Valkialampi pond

Routes break services

  • Follow the weekly updated skating info from the diary
  • Open the skating map from here, check the diary for updated info
  • In Haataansaari there is a campfire spot, in Kruunupuisto shore there is a another campfire spot with roof. 
  • Atmospheric waffle cafe in shore of Kruunupuisto, open  on weekends (sat-sun) from 12.2.2021 until 7.3.2021. Check opening hours from Kruunupuisto websites!

Ticket prices to skating track

  • Day 8 € / person
  • 3 days 20 € / person
  • Season 60 € / person 
  • Children 7-12-years for -50 % discount and children under 7-years for free

Equipment Rental operates in the starting point, ticket fees are included in the skating packages (full skating package 23€/person/day).

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